The scope includes pressurized hot water boilers, steam boilers and boilers heated with regenerative fuels.

TSG-regulations don’t always clearly state whether a SELO license is required or not. This leads to great uncertainty and confusion on the part of manufacturers. We are well aware of this and immediately start with a CML-check (CML : China Manufacturer License = SELO License). We also clear uncertainties relating to the inclusion/exclusion of periphery equipment such as piping etc. (see licence mandatory yes/no).

We clarify these important questions from the start, enabling you to successfully pass audits without expensive and time-consuming repetitions.

Successfully passing the initial license audit doesn’t automatically mean ”mission accomplished”. After the audit the entire technical documentation must be separately revised. This is performed in accordance with the applicable Chinese regulatory requirements (see document appraisal). Unfortunately these Chinese standards aren’t internationally harmonized. Our experts will guide you through this time-demanding process.

Steam boiler