The SELO License - in short

The demand for pressure devices within the Chinese market is steadily increasing. Almost all manufacturers wishing to enter this ever-growing market need a SELO License (SELO = Special Equipment Licensing Office).

What is the SELO License?

The SELO License is basically your entry ticket into the Chinese pressure devices market. Generally speaking it covers all equipment manufactured to withstand any kind of pressure greater than one bar. The license is issued by the Chinese authorities in accordance with the effective TSG-Regulations and is valid for four years.

Is the SELO License easily obtainable?

Unfortunately, obtaining the SELO License isn’t quite as simple as it sounds. Preparation and administration can be considerably time consuming – but once achieved, it opens up a fantastic market.

Exceeding the planned time and budget:

Planning and administration can take up to a year and over - regardless of you applying for the initial license or merely a “simple” renewal (see project duration).

Constantly changing license requirements:

Originally intended to make the SELO license less complex: With TSG-regulations being subject to periodical updates, license requirements are constantly changing (see standards).

Restrictive standards and time limits:

Chinese authorities are extremely restrictive in their interpretation of the effective TSG-regulations (see supplier research) and also on keeping up with the timely deadlines. Missing a renewal date can easily result in the license being withdrawn and the equipment being returned to the manufacturer (see FAQ)!

Extra testing and certificates:

 In some cases your SELO License may also need further accompanying verification documents, for instance: transportable pressure vessels and safety equipment require additional type testing (see type testing) and the documentation of boilers underlies strict individual control and inspection (see document appraisal and see also license mandatory yes/no).

Our Solution

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