License Mandatory Yes/No

Before the application (see online registration) can be started, the technical requirements of a license obligation are systematically checked. This requires comprehensive knowledge of the TSG-regulations as well as the applicable International standards.

Checklists are used to query and evaluate all important parameters of the pressure devices. We call this the CML-check (CML: China Manufacturer License = SELO License). The check result will tell you if your product requires mandatory licensing or not. If a licence is required, the products are divided into categories in accordance with the applicable TSG-regulations.

The CML-check helps avoiding critical errors - particularly in the preliminary phase. We offer the CML-check in combination with our other research services – i.e. in checking towards additionally required certificates etc. This can prove to be equally as beneficial for license free products (see clearance certificate).

This gives you an overview towards additional times and costs and lets you plan your project with more confidence and security.

The CML-check is part of the “red-thread” throughout the whole process and is one of the reasons why we offer it in combination with our other services. This approach has proven itself over the years and the system ultimately benefits you.