Preliminary Work

An immense amount of preliminary work is necessary before the license application process may even begin. An existing QM-system according to ISO usually presents a positive effect.

It must be clear from the beginning whether and to what extent additional times and costs have to be considered (see license mandatory yes/no). The preliminary work begins long before the application is filed.

Preliminary work includes the general preparation of the application documents, a standards research to determine if additional tests and certification are required as well as the preparation of the handbook and the correct completion of the actual application forms. The entire preparation phase is the most time consuming and can easily consume more than 12 months of an inexperienced applicant’s valuable time. Critical errors, which can lead to the cancellation of the license audit, usually happen in this phase.

Years of experience have taught us how much valuable time can be cut at this stage. With our support and guidance you will keep costs low and you won’t lose unnecessary time.